Units and Heros

[edit] CIS Class Units

Assassin Droid: Although these droids have a very faded coating of camouflage paint, it is hardly necessary, for the slim build and dull color of its body is enough camouflage for any battle. Just like any other sniping unit it is equipped with a sniper rifle, pistol, and an auto-turret, which can be used strategically to ward of oncoming enemies, or to warn you of their presence. Although in a one-on-one battle this droid would not stand a chance, it can still gather a large kill count from a distance, in a quiet, secluded spot away from the heart of the action. Make sure to always move your position however, as the white hot trail left behind from even a single shot can easily give away your position.

Assault Droid: The Assault Droid may seem a little odd at first, a flimsy little droid holding up a giant rocket launcher, but you do not want to let your guard down against this mean unit. The bazooka it carries is meant for only one thing; dealing out bucket-loads actually almost anything. This unit is not designed to be used in close combat, but rather strategically used. Its mines can block off tight passage ways from enemy clones, its pistol can keep itself defended when necessary, and we mustn’t forget its ability to blow stuff up. So do not use this guy to go in all guns blazing, but keep in mind it can be a powerful ally, and it is a must-have for almost any battle.

Droideka: This roach-type droid is feared even by Jedi, and is no match for a single trooper. One of its many advantages is that it has a personal Energy Shied which can absorb incoming fire. The repeating blasters that it has on each of its mechanical arms can unleash a rapid blaze of firepower which can make quick work of most units, so try and avoid taking on this unit one-on-one. The main point that makes this unit different to all the others is it has two modes of deployment; standing and ball mode. When in Ball Mode this droid can travel quickly throughout the battlefield, but cannot shoot. When in standing mode it can shoot and use its shield, but has a very slow movement rate. One of the main disadvantages of this unit is the changing from ball mode to standing mode, as you are a vulnerable target while doing this. A good idea is to change to standing mode behind a corner where nobody can see you before moving into combat. Another disadvantage this unit has is that turning around troubles it. If you want to take this unit down then the best way to do so is stay behind it, because it cannot turn quick enough. If you move as it moves, it doesn’t stand a chance. An easy way to destroy it is with an engineer; one detpack takes down the shield, one shotgun pump destroys it. So even though this unit can dish out immense amounts of fire-power at the enemy, it can just as easily be destroyed from behind as it can kill easily out in front.

Engineer Droid: Armed with a detpack and pump-action shotgun, these units can often be seen running into the middle of the battle to get up close and personal with the enemy. With a well-aimed shot, the Engineer can take down a standard unit with one powerful blow. The detpacks it is equipped with can also supply a nasty punch to both vehicles and clones alike. The main advantage of having Engineer Droids on your side is the Fusion Cutter it's armed with. This handy tool can just as easily repair much needed ammunition and medical droids for your team as it can cut its way into an enemy vehicle, so you can use it for your own personal use. It is also supplied with Ammo and Bacta packs, which can be given to allies to supply them with much needed ammunition and health. Alternatively, you can be selfish and use them on yourself to help you survive dire times. This unit is mainly designed to be used as a “team unit” meaning it gives the advantages to the whole team rather than itself, but can just as easily be used for personal kill counts. However with such the short range the Shotgun has, you will often find yourself having to run right into the middle of combat to make a shot, which can lead to your death, so you must be careful when using this unit.

Magnaguard: Wielding two different explosive weapons, two different radiation weapons (one fitting both categories) and the looks to terrify even the toughest clones, Magnaguards can often be seen on the front line causing death after extravagant explosions. The Magnaguard is taller then most units, and can be a powerful blow to the enemy. Its primary weapon, the Bulldog RLR, is sort of a miniature rocket launcher, which can be fired rapidly, or locked onto enemies to home in on them slightly. Their Secondary weapon, the Radiation Launcher, has a main advantage to the CIS team; it being radioactive means it doesn’t hurt droids. This allows the Magnaguard to fire it into crowded areas without worry about killing his own team-mates. This weapon is sort of like a grenade launcher, and can be charged to shoot further and more powerful shots. Its other radiation-type attack is Neuro Poison, which also only affects Droids. The Magnaguard is more of a Suicide Bomber type of unit, as it has a lot of power, but does not survive for long in a battle. The best thing to do is run into a crowded area shooting at everything you see, and try and take down as many enemies you can before you die.

Super Battle Droids: Amongst the most standard troopers in the game, the Super Battle Droid is great in front line combat. Being the only unit in the game to have a Wrist Blaster, this makes it an important factor to take into account during battles. It supplies you with an advantage of not having to take gravity and distance into account when firing at an enemy, but it gives you a disadvantage of not being able to bounce it off walls or objects to help you. Although its defense level is average, its attacking power is average, and everything else about it is pretty much average, it can still be a powerful weapon for taking down Clones however.

[edit] Rebel Class Units

Bothan Spy: Ever wanted the super-power of invisibility? Then this unit is for you! Although he has very low amount of health and relatively ineffective weapons, the Bothan Spy has the ability to turn himself invisible and sneak behind enemy lines. From here he can assassinate individual targets with his disintegrator, which can be a very useful tool. When stealth is required, make the most of these guys!

Rebel Engineer: Master of close combat, the engineer is useful for all forms of vehicle work. Whether it be repairing or slicing with the fusion cutter or destroying with the time-bomb, this unit can do the job. He can also provide the team with much needed health and ammo at critical points in the battle, all the while defending himself with a powerful close-range shotgun. Definitely a unit to consider!

Rebel Marksman: The Rebel Marksman has a couple of unique qualities- one of which being that she is one of the only women in the entire game. Another is that her Sniper Rifle zooms in twice making her a power ally at both close and long ranges. Also, she’s able to deploy auto-turrets. Though this little machine really isn’t any match against a trooper of any kind, it will allow clear warning when somebody is approaching; this sniper can watch her back at the same time.

Rebel Pilot: Though the Rebel Pilot doesn’t carry much equipment on the ground, this trooper wasn’t meant to be standing anyway. High in the sky is where this trooper does best. With the ability to slowly but automatically regenerate ships health the second he stands in them, all you need is a maneuverable craft and you’re quite difficult to take down. Also, he can go inside an enemy craft and deploy a time bomb to release a powerful blast on the ships internal systems. The Rebel Pilot is definitely something to look out for.

Rebel Soldier: The main trooper of the Rebel team supplies most of the action in any game against them. Though their automated weapons can fire quickly and fairly accurately, they're ineffective at far range. Due to this disadvantage, they’re never far from the action and have the highest chance of dieing quickly. Don’t let that fool you, though. They also have one of the highest chances to be the best worrier on the field.

Rebel Vanguard: Though this trooper may look like he’s only meant for one thing…well, actually, he kind of is only for one thing. But keep in mind that this doesn’t mean this soldier is obsolete or redundant. Because this is the only rebel soldier that carries heavy weaponry, it makes him the only defense (beside turrets) against tanks and other large vehicles. The vanguard is vital for the survival of the Rebel Forces.

Wookiee Warrior: Stronger then any trooper, this beast will trample down any soldier that gets in its way. The Wookiee also holds a powerful weapon that could kill any trooper in one hit as well as hitting multiple enemies at once. It gives you extra control with the ability to charge it up. Speed is something the Wookiee Worrier doesn’t know, however. But with power and armor a Wookiee has, who needs speed?

[edit] Heros

  • CIS
    • Count Dooku: The political mind behind the Separatist Forces, Count Dooku is well trained in lightsaber combat. Boasting a powerful combination of Force Choke and Force Lightening, he is effective at taking down enemy heroes. One advantage Dooku has over most other heroes is that he does not need to pause after completing his running attack, and can keep on going to strike several times before running out of energy. Although he is not designed for taking on large amounts of enemy soldiers, he can still be a good tactic to use in the right situations.
    • Darth Maul: Striking fear into the hearts of enemies, Darth Maul is the only unit in the game to possess a double-bladed lightsaber, and can work wonders with it. He is the easily the strongest character to play as out of all the other heroes, as he can slaughter clones and Jedi alike in the hundreds. For a learning player who wants to learn how Hero Units work, Darth Maul is the right unit for you. The force powers he can use are both Saber-Throw and Force Push; the two most common Force Powers in the game, and is the best all-around player in the game. If you are playing as a clone and happen to spy the red tinge of a double-blade, run away as fast as you can, for most units are no match for his lethal fighting style. In galactic conquest he can be played on more maps then any other CIS hero.
    • General Grievous: Feared Jedi Killer General Grievous, Half Alien – Half Droid, is both the leader of the droid army and one of the most hunted men in the galaxy during the clone wars. This repulsive creature was trained in the Jedi Art of wielding a lightsaber, and with reflexes near to light speed can easily manipulate his four blades, stolen from Jedi he has killed, into a whirlwind of frenzy. The one flaw in using this character is his lack of the ability to manipulate the Force, meaning he has no force powers and can only jump once into the air. To make up for it he uses two lightsabers, four at the end of his combination attack, to pulverise the enemy, effective against both clones and Jedi. He also has a secondary attack, Rage, that can help any allies near him by giving them a Damage Increase Bonus for a short period.
    • Jango Fett: Vicious bounty hunter Jango Fett will do anything, and kill anybody, for money. The entire Clone Army of the Republic are copies of Jango Fett’s genetic structure. His very acute reflexes mean he can take down his targets without being captured, often with the assistance of his Jet-Pack. Time Bombs help to take down vehicles or other stronger targets, while his flame thrower and pistol help take care of any foot soldiers coming his way. When put in the right hands Jango Fett can be devastating against clone troopers…
  • The Empire
    • Anakin Skywalker: Swift movements, precise swipes, well-timed attacks, Anakin can be effective in almost any situation. Appearing only on Mustafar for the Imperial team Anakin can mean the difference between a win and a loss. This character boasts one of the more effective sprinting attacks which can reach enemies within a wide radius of his body. His force push attack can be very useful on the lava planet in which he appears as his enemies can just fall to their fiery deaths below. His lightsaber throw can also be useful to reach rebels at the ends of those long corridors, and his combo attacks can be used effectively in most battles. Anakin is a vital character to the Imperial team and can be used well in any battle at any time.IN battlefront ii his attacks and force powers are similar to obi wan. but anakin has force choke instead of force push.
    • Boba Fett: Boba Fett; silent but deadly. Often attacking from afar this character can take down almost any unit effectively while staying out of their range of fire. He can use his jet-packs to take him to places most other units can’t get to providing him with more safety in battles. Boba can use his powerful rifle to attack from a distance or his personal flamethrower for close-combat. If he needs to attack with more destructive means he can use either his det-packs to cause massive damage from a remote location or his wrist-rockets during times in combat. This clone can pack a punch in almost any situation providing the Empire with an aerial advantage when Boba is in play.
    • Darth Vader: Taller then most men, as black as the night sky, this fearsome Sith can strike down his enemies with powerful swipes of his blade. Although he cannot jump multiple times in the air he is able to glide effortlessly through the air, landing on top of enemies with a swift movement to finish them off. Vader’s secondary attacks combine the far-reaching lightsaber throw with the closer quarters force choke to give him the edge in combat. Where he lacks in speed this character makes up for it with pure strength, hitting enemies harder then most other heroes. He is not the best character to use for very intense battles but can be very useful in tight battles where his enemies are nice and close.
    • The Emperor: Although he is seen as a frail old man, do not let his appearance deceive you. As he hovers around the level this character can strike fear into the hearts of his enemies, while still remaining hidden in the shadows. The Emperor is the only character who caries a lightsaber yet does not always have it turned on, meaning he does not stand out as much as other heroes. He can use his force lightning to attack many foes at once, or he can pick up single enemies with the force choke power. Although he may be slow he can still use make haste when necessary. Although the Emperor should not be used in the heart of the battle he can still be devastating against small clusters of enemies when in use.
  • Rebellion
    • Chewbacca: This giant beast is stronger then any ordinary Wookiee and has no hesitation to do what is necessary. Though he may not run very fast, this hero carries a Bowcaster and is quite ready to use it. Chewbacca's speed can be a disadvantage, but being able to withstand more shots then any other hero or Wookiee makes this guy a hard target to take down.
    • Han Solo: Boasting an arsenal of pistols, det-packs and fusion cutters, Han Solo is the rebels “Fix-It” Guy. To put it simply, he is an upgraded engineer. He can use his fusion cutter to repair any broken health and ammo droids, and slice his way into vehicles. Although all he has to defend himself is a pistol, he makes up for this with his many det-packs which can pack a powerful punch. If you are in a vehicle then steer clear of this hero!
    • Luke Skywalker: Fast, strong, Luke is most definitely a great fighter. Don’t let his haircut allow you to think otherwise. Unlike many hero’s, Luke has the ability to throw his light saber allowing a good distance. Though you might think you’re defenseless for a brief period, you can still run faster than any trooper and jump four times in the air. This Jedi is not to be messed with.
    • Princess Leia: Princess Leia holds one of the strongest pistols in the game. It may be difficult to lock on, but it never runs out of ammo and you really have to be trying to allow it to over heat. Though she doesn’t exactly blend in very well in her white outfit, she has a decent amount of health and manages to stay alive fairly well.
  • Republic
    • Aayla Secura: Though she may look sweet on the outside, this duel wielding Jedi will take down any enemy she finds necessary. With two lightsabers, she can be a little difficult to control and you might find yourself attacking your own teammates. Knowing this, she’s spectacular when fighting off large crowds of foot soldiers by herself.
    • Ki-Adi Mundi: Ki-Adi-Mundi is a head representative on the Jedi Council, but takes battles just as seriously. Though only appearing a few times, his role is much needed and is found quite useful when in battle. Just like any other Jedi, he can get the job done with force or by throwing his lightsaber. He also has a special tactic with his sprint attack, where he can attack multiple times.
    • Mace Windu: Mace Windu has an unforgiving look to him and a personality to match it. One of the most powerful and respected Jedi Masters of his time he played a key part during the clone wars. Mace has the only purple lightsaber in the game and can manipulate it to destroy droids in seconds. His most unique feature would be his Force Destruction attack, where he smashes himself into the ground destroying all the surrounding droids.
    • Obi-Wan Kenobi: Cool, calm and collected, Obi-Wan thrives on the force. His smooth movements allow him to slice his way through enemy after enemy with no remorse. He is a very effective all-around Jedi and can be used effectively in almost any situation.

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