Telos is the war ravaged planet featured at the start of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II..

[edit] Background

During the first battles of the Jedi Civil War the surface of Telos was bombarded by an orbiting Sith fleet. Under orders from Darth Malak, Adimral Saul Karath, a Republic defector, decimated the surface of Telos. Soon afterwards the Jedi Order, fearing an attack on Dantooine, dispensed multiple relics to be sent to Telos for safekeeping. It was there that they also built a secret academy that Atris would later be in charge of. Telos was also the site of a Republic backed recovery effort that if successful would be used as a model for other war ravaged planets. The recovery effort was spear headed by the Ithorians, and with help from Bao Dur.

[edit] History

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