Taris was a bustling city-world closer to the outer rim. Unfortunately, in a time when coruscant was a rising star within the Republic, Taris was slowing going into decline, and was plagued by a large number of issues, ranging from social to economical.


[edit] Description

Taris is a bustling city-world located farther out to the outer rim than it's sister city-world of coruscant. Unfortunately, in recent years, Taris has been on the decline, with increased crime, inherent social problems, pollutants and economic issues continuing to cripple the world.

[edit] Xenophobia

Many races populated Taris, however, the majority were unwelcome and few were allowed to live in the upper city. Aliens were considered with disdain, and many considered them to be a plague on the world. The native humans often abused alien visitors and those who came to the world often ended up in the refuge filled and dangerous lower city, populated mostly by thugs and swoop bike gangs.

[edit] Swoop Gangs

Taris was one of the mainstays for the Swoop racing circuit, and as such had a large resident group of swoop racers, many of them sponsored or members of local gangs vying for control of the corrupt lower city. The sport was inherently dangerous and many are killed every year in the sport, however, this does not change the allure for it for the racers and the crowds.

The gangs of the lower city tended to be in a state of constant friction, however, war between the Hidden Beks and the Black Vulkars shortly before the planet would be destroyed is one such instance where the constant war between the Republic and the Sith were having far flung effects. With the destruction of one side of the conflict, the lower city would shortly be under the control of one gang.

[edit] Undercity

The underciy was ther most polluted and dangerous place on Taris, where few lived. Most of the people who lived in the undercity were criminals or the decendants of criminals. Even given this background, the society continued to survive in the harsh environment, following a number of tennants under leaders who believed in morals and ethics and the law from the world where the sun shown.

Many in the undercity hoped one day to leave it, perhaps for the Promised Land, a paradise where droid servants took care of your every whim.

The people who resided in the undercity were also under constant threat of attack from the Rakghouls, beings who were once human but who were affected by the disease and which eventually became more Rakghouls -- depending on whether or not they were ravaged to death before the transformation could occur. The Rakghouls were mindless killing machines and could be found throughout the undercity of Taris. Attempts by the Sith to irradicate or destroy them did result in the creation of a serum which could turn them away, but which was retained primarily for the use of Sith soldiers sent into the undercity and which was not distributed to the local civilian populace.

[edit] Eventual Destruction

Taris was one of many worlds in the Star Wars universe which has been lost to time. When it was found that a Jedi, Bastila Shan, had been on the world, the leader of the Sith forces, Darth Malak, ordered the destruction of the city, leveling all the cities down to below two stories with no resistance and only one known ship escaping -- the Ebon Hawk.

[edit] Trivia

The name Taris would be recycled and rearranged in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II as Atris, a Jedi Knight who built the Jedi Academy on Telos and taught a group of Echani maidens.

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