Storm Troopers

Stormtroopers.jpgTwo Stormtroopers
FactionThe Galactic Empire
CreatedBy Darth Sidious - modeled after the Clones
Used AsInfantry, Death Star and Endor defense
CommanderDarth Sidious, Darth Vader

The Stormtroopers were created after Anikan Skywalker's transformation to Darth Vader by Darth Sidious. They were modeled after the basic Clone Trooper, but the Stormtrooper's outfit was different, and its armor was made to take more punishment. Their equipment was changed from the longer blaster rifles to smaller ones.

[edit] History

Stormtroopers began development around the time that the Galactic Empire began contructing the Death Star. They were going to replace the Clone Troopers.

The Empire's new soldiers were used as basic infantry for their army, and they were on the front line of the battlefield. They were used to invade the Tantive IV and capture Princess Leia. Many other Stormtroopers were involved in the Battle of Hoth. Others were stationed at the Endor Shield Bunker.

The majority of the troopers ar on duty at the Death Star. They guard the station, and help with jobs. They are used as boarding parties should an unidentified ship get pulled in by the battlestation's tractor beam. They also serve as crew members on board Imperial Star Destoryers.

[edit] Variants

The basic Stormtrooper has been made into many different units.

  • Scout Trooper

These soldiers are used to scout out the area and are lightly armed and armored, usually only carrying a blaster pistol. Most of them are on Endor, surveying the planet's landscape and racing about in Speeder Bikes.

  • Imperial Engineer

Engineers operate the Death Star's controls (including the laser cannon) and help fix broken material. They can also give health and ammo to soldiers who need it.

  • Imperial Pilot

The pilot class is used to pilot the Empire's starships. They are very skilled with driving aircraftr, which is why they do this. Their only weapon is just a blaster pistol. They also have a fusion cutter to repair the ship they're piloting.

  • Sand Trooper

Sand Troopers are basic Stormtroopers, but they have special packs on their backs and have a orange shoulder cape. They were used to search for Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan-Kenobi on Tatooine.

  • Dark Trooper

These units are lightly armored, but have a jumppack. Their armor is also a different design and colored dark gray.

[edit] Versus other Soldiers

The Stormtroopers are quite strong, and their strength in numbers usually overwhelms the Rebel's forces. They also have a little more protection on them, but not much.

The original Clone Troopers seem to have little differences between themselves and the Stormtoopers, but it's been stated the Stormtroopers have stronger armor.

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