Rhen Var: Harbor

Rhen Var Harbor
RH Harbor2.jpgThe Lighthouse Command Post
AppearanceStar Wars: Battlefront
Playable BattlesClone Wars, Galactic Civil War
Reinforcement Count200 per team
Command Posts5
ObjectiveLand based

Rhen Var Harbor was one of the two Rhen Var maps that appeared in Star Wars: Battlefront. It is an old temple that was abandoned when it entered an Ice Age.

[edit] Layout

RH Harbor1.jpg This map is only land based, so don't get worried about airstrikes. This map is kind of like an invasion. The Empire/Republic starts at a ruined structure (Command Post 3) with two defensive turrets that's seperated from the main battle. Two tanks spawn here, and either an AT-AT or an AT-TE spawns a little farther out. Near this structure is a cave (Command Post 2) that offers a path straight to the heart of the battle. The enemy will usually try to bottle up said entrance and capture the CP from there. The Rebellion/CIS spawns at the two main structures across from the ice caves (Command Posts 1 and 5). Command Post 1 is hard to capture as droids/rebels are usually crowding the outside area and the steps. The inside building that houses the CP has some pillars that can offer cover while you capture it. Command Post 5 can give the invading team a hard time because it has turrets that have a view of CP 4 and 1. CP 4 starts off neutral, and the defending team will most likely get it before you. In the middle of the defending team's CPs are two tanks that spawn.

[edit] Strategies

  • If you're Invading (1):

Start at Command Post Three and take a tank over to the defending team's complex. As their foces emerge, blow them to bits. Make sure to weaken the two tanks that spawn, as they have more firepower than yours. If your tank gets damaged too much, bail and make a run for CP 1. Capturing it gives you a sniper's view of CP 5. Take out the enemy forces at CP 5, and when you think they're weakened enough, run over and take that. At this point, the opposing team should probably be pinned down at CP 4. Snatch another tank and finish off the rest of your opponent. Make sure to defend CPs 1 and 5 while doing so.

  • If you're Invading (2)

Start in the Ice Caves (CP 2) as a Dark Trooper or a Jet Trooper. Quickly make your way outside and take over an enemy tank, crippling your opponent's army before they can move out and take the caves. Weaken their forces, then go and capture CPs 1 and 5. If you die, rush to help the CPUs at CP 2, as they probably can't help themselves without you.

  • If you're Defending

Take a tank and dominate. The attacking force coming out of the Caves won't be able to get far outside, allowing your team to advance. Your vehicle should have enough firepower to hold back any tank assaults.

[edit] In Campaign

Rhen Var: Harbor appeared in the Clone Wars Historical Campaign. It was being used as a CIS sensor station. The Republic discovered the area and launched an attack to take over the outpost. You play as the Republic in this level.

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