Lego Star Wars II

Lego Star Wars II
LSW II.jpgCover of the PC version of the game
DeveloperTravellers Tales
PlatformsPC, XBOX 360, PS2, GC, PSP, DS, GBA
Players1-2 Players
Release DateSep 12, 06

Build and battle through the original trilogy! Play through a fun Star Wars galaxy that combines the endless customization of Lego with the epic story from Star Wars Episodes IV-VI.


[edit] Plot

This game follows the Star Wars Episodes IV-VI series but packed full of Legos!

[edit] Gameplay

Playing on this platform game you get to venture on some of the famous maps as shown in the movies. Play along side with a friend or go solo with an AI companion with numerous characters to chose from.

[edit] Features

  • Build and ride vehicles: Build and ride classic Star Wars vehicles and get in and out to explore!
  • Mix and match characters: Create and customize your own playable Star Wars characters in millions of different ways.
  • Play with a buddy: Drop-In/Drop-Out Co-Op lets a friend join in or leave at any time, in any level.
  • Vehicles are no longer hindered by being attached to rails like in the first game and are free to move wherever you like.
  • Gain Bonus Levels by completing all chapters of an episode and obtaining the required number of gold bricks.
  • Play as over 35 different characters from the original trilogy.

[edit] Game Info

Character Listing & Info

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