Darth Bane

[edit] Background

Darth Bane was the fabled Sith'ari the one who was destined to return the Sith to it's former glory. During his studies on Korriban became dissatisfied by the way the Sith was run as a whole. He devised his own method. The Rule of Two. That way there was one to hold the power and one to crave it. Bane studied under Githany and Kas'im simultaneously, hoping to gain an advantage over both. After being exiled for being caught for studying under two masters at once, Bane sprung his plan into action, naming himself Darth Bane. He first headed to Lehon in hopes of delving himself deeper into the Dark Side. When he arrived there he went to the large temple complex. Inside he discovered a priceless Sith artifact. The holocron of Darth Revan. Inside it lay many secrets of the ancient Sith including instructions on how to create a thought bomb. On Ruusan Bane used the thought bomb to devastating effect, wiping out the Old Sith Order and most of the Jedi at the same time.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

Bane was very dedicated in his studies and training whether he was training privately or he was studying ancient texts. Darth Bane was also known for his tolerance of extreme pain as shown when he wore orbalisks, a parasite, as suit of armor which enabled him to use the pain and anger from being covered in the parasites to make him even more powerful with the Dark Side. Bane was a quick study and highly proficient in the many uses of the Force. After seeing Githany use Force Lightning, he could use it with ease. He was also a master of lightsaber combat as he defeated four duelists at the same time and most of them were Jedi Masters.

[edit] Trivia

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