Dark Side

The Dark Side is a term used to describe both people who abuse The Force for their own motives, and the potential use of The Force itself for negative and irresponsible acts. Often cited as being overwhelmingly corrupted by greed, desire and power, people who are seduced by the Dark Side are usually seen as enemies of The Republic. Masters of the Dark Side tend to focus on dangerous powers, such as Force Lightning and Force Choke. Cast as the evil and twisted reflection of a Jedi, these characters are often shown doing unspeakable things to people who fail them or get in their way.

Often suggested to be beyond redemption, the last acts of Darth Vader prove that for all its negativity, the corruption of the Dark Side is not absolute .

[edit] Appearence

Characters who are swayed by the Dark Side usually show visible aesthetic signs of corruption, such as burning red eyes and wrinkled skin. Most characters involved with the Dark Side are members of The Sith and wear trademark black robes. A prime example of how appearence is dictated by alignment can be seen as Anakin Skywalker chooses to join Darth Sidious and begins his descent into becoming the treacherous Darth Vader. Users of the Dark Side of The Force are often depicted as using red Lightsabers, the colour chosen to represent anger and aggresion, as opposed to the more neutral colours chosen by The Jedi Order.

[edit] Who Uses The Dark Side

Below is a list of major characters who are aligned to the Dark Side:

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