Battlefront II Career Medals

While playing the game in Single and Multi-player modes, you can earn medals based on how you perform in battles.

[edit] Weapon Medals

  • Gunslinger: 6 Kills with a Pistol in one life equips you with a Precision Pistol. but 4 kills if you reached elite status.
  • Demolition: 4 Rocket Launcher critical hits on a vehicle within one life rewards you with a Remote Rocket Launcher.
  • Regulator: The Flechette Shotgun is available to someone who earns 8 kills with a shotgun in one life.
  • Frenzy: 12 Kills with a Blaster Rifle in one life will grant you access to the Elite Rifle.
  • Marksman: Score 6 Headshots with your Sniper Rifle within one life and you'll unlock the Beam Rifle.
  • Technician: Slicing yourself into a vehicle will grant you a Vehicle Regeneration bonus.

[edit] Character Medals

  • Endurance: Earn 9 points in one life to unlock an Energy Regeneration bonus.
  • Guardian: After you've earned 18 points in one life you'll gain a Damage Reduction bonus.
  • War Hero: Earning 27 points on the battlefront within one life grants you an Increased Damage bonus.

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