Bespin: Platforms

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Bespin: Platforms
Bespin Plat2.jpgA map overview with a Cloud Car
AppearanceStar Wars: Battlefront
Playable BattlesClone Wars, Galactic Civil War
Reinforcement Count200 per team
Command Posts7
ObjectiveLand and Air based

Bespin: Platforms was one of the two Bespin-themed maps that appeared in Star Wars: Battlefront. It is a sky station located somewhere in Bespin. It consists of multiple platforms with two towers and a mining platform in the middle.

[edit] Layout

Bespin Plat1.jpg This map has two areas to control: Command Posts 3, 4, and 5 are mainly based around using infantry, while CPs 1, 2, 6 and 7 are air themed. Your main command post on either side is the tower in the middle of each teams platform area. It has two anti-aircraft turrets and controlls inside for decoration. The many platforms branching off have more anti-aircraft turrets and spaceships. You'll need to watch out for the enemy, as they tend to land on the two platforms with CPs. This can give them a chance to capture your tower base. However, your team will attempt this as well, giving you the advantage. Command Post 4 starts neutral, and if you spawn before the rest of your team, chances are you'll get. But defending this area is a chore: the enemy will be storming down the hallway opposite the one you came down. Many enemy units can crowd this hallway. More often than not, the enemy can get dangerously close to CP 4, and occasionaly a unit or two will rush to capture the CP. Taking CP 4 basically means you're on offense for the entire game. If the enemy's forces start to decline, have your troops advance. If you ever get pinned down in a hallway, use the outstreched walls as cover.

[edit] Stategies

  • As the Republic/Empire

Spawn as a Jet Trooper/Dark Trooper and hurriedly take over CP 4. Defend the CIS/Rebel's attacks and get ready to advance when their forces start backing up. The farther you are in the hallway, the harder it is for your opponent to defend it. Get up into the tower base and take it for your team. Then you can take the two aircraft platformn CPs and wait victory.

Should you lose CP 4, stay on defense. Once the enemy starts frequently spawning at CP 4, jet over them as Jet Trooper/Dark Trooper and take the enemy's tower CP. Your forces will spawn here, and when they do, take CP 4. The enemy will probably have taken your tower at this point, but now they're trapped inside of it. Take this CP and wait for victory.

  • As the Rebellion/CIS

Quickly take CP 4 and use the same strategy listed above. The alternative strategy can't be done becuase the Rebels/Droids do not have jetpack units.

[edit] In Campaign

This platform base appeared in the Galactic Civil War Historical Campaign. It was being used by the Empire as a mining station. The Rebel Alliance discovered this station and aimed to take it over for the mining resources. You play as the Rebellion in this level.

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