Tatooine is probably the most famous and recognised location in the Star Wars Universe and is home to many key characters, including:

Located on the outer-rim, Tatooine is a very dry and barren planet, constantly scorched by two Suns. Although able to support many forms of life, Humans tend to have to work farming moisture to survive due to the lack of surface water. There is also a distinct lack of shelter or shade on the planet, forcing most farmers (such as Lars Owen) to live in underground shelters.

Other native creatures, such as the Bantha or Sand People, are fairly thick-skinned and are built to survive the constant heat. This also applies to the planet's native traders, the Jawa. However, the Jawa have the advantage of using their Sandcrawler as a form of mobile shade and shelter, so they are not as exposed to the heat as other native life.

Tatooine is also famous for being instrumental in Anakin Skywalker's descent to the Dark Side as he butchers the entire colony of Sand People who have enslaved his mother.

Due to the lack of real Republic presence on Tatooine, the tyrannanical Jabba The Hutt and his hired thugs (mainly Bounty Hunters and Gamorreans) have pretty much taken control. However, in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Jabba The Hutt is relinquished from power by Princess Leia at the battle of Carkoon, and Tatooine regains some semblance of freedom.

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