Swoop Bike

The Swoop Bike, also known as a Speeder, makes many appearances in both the games and the movies. Generally used for as a fast transport across short distances of land, this zippy vehicle also has its role on the battlefield in scouting out land while able to deliver a decent amount of rapid fire if the need to battle arises.

In the game the Speeder is a great vehicle to use, a lot faster than any tank with an ability to speed boost with a decent amount of fire power this bike is great to use. If being utilized by a Jedi, they can still make use of their lightsaber while on the back of the vehicle making for a fast striking power with the ability to slice other Speeders in half and mow down slow infantry.

The Speeder also makes a couple of movie appearances. Those of a noteworthy appointment are the one used on the farm Luke lived on, in the sixth movie during a fight between Luke, Leia and some clone troopers not to mention when Anakin attempts to find his mother and free her from slavery.

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