Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront
BfPC.jpgCover of the PC version of the game
DeveloperPandemic Studios
PlatformsPC, PS2, Mac, Xbox
Players1-2 (16 online)
Release DateSep 21, 04


In this game, you can take to the fight and relive the Star Wars saga battles! You can fight in the Clone Wars or the classic Galactic Civil War. There are plenty of units and vehicles available to use. Many SW maps can be used to stage battles on, from the Naboo Plains to the icy Hoth. Prepare yourself for battle!


[edit] Gameplay

  • Reinforcements

Once you get in the heat of the battle, you'll see a bar at the top of your screen, one red and one green. The numbers next to the different colored bars represent your reinforcements. Every time one of your troopers or an enemy trooper is killed in battle, your reinforcements will go down by one point. You can deplete your enemy's forces by killing enemy units and capturing Command Posts. The game is over when the enemy or you is out of reinforcements. Occasionaly, one team will get the upper hand on a map, and their opponent's reinforcements will drop at the beginning of a fight by one or two points.

  • Command Posts

Command Posts allow you and your team to spawn, as well as your enemies. Green Command Posts are controlled by your team, so you can spawn there. Red CPs are enemy-controlled, and they spawn there. A Yellow CP is a NPC team spawning area, and White CPs are neutral, no one has control over them currently. To capture a CP, you have to stand in its capture radius until the team icon is all green. Once this happens, the CP is yours. If the icon starts flashing, this means that enemy untis are in the capture radius and must be eliminated to capture a CP. On the map, if a CP starts flashing, that means it is under siege.

  • Vehicles and Turrets

On most maps, vehicles spawn at Command Posts according to what team is in control of it. Many maps have land and air vehicles, so your team can take control of the skies as well.

Vehicle List:


  • AT-TE
  • IFT-X Fighter Tank
  • Republic Gunship
  • Republic Starfighter


  • AAT
  • Homing Spider Droid
  • Hailfire Droid
  • Vulture Droid
  • Droid Gunship


  • AT-AT
  • AT-ST
  • IFT-X Fighter Tank (same as Republic's, with dif. colors)
  • Speeder Bike
  • TIE Fighter
  • TIE Bomber

Rebel Alliance:

  • Attack Speeder
  • TaunTaun
  • Snowspeeder
  • X-Wing
  • Y-Wing
  • NPC Teams

On some maps, there are NPC teams (NPC meaning non playable character) that will help one/both/neither teams. NPC teams:

  • Tusken Raiders - Tatooine: Dune Sea - Agianst both Teams - Controlls 2 CPs
  • Wookies - Kashyyk: Docks and Islands - With Rebellion and Clones - Controlls 0 CPs
  • Jawas - Tatooine: Mos Eisley - Helps both teams - Controlls 0 CPs
  • Naboo Royal Guard - Naboo: Theed (in Campaign) - Controlls 3 CPs
  • Ewoks - Endor: Bunker - with Rebellion - Contolls 0 CPs
  • Gungans - Naboo: Plains - with Clones and Rebellion - Contolls 0 CPs
  • Geonisians - Geonisis: Spire - with CIS - Controlls 0 CPs
  • Units

There are five unit classes per team that you may controll. Four of these classes are the same with each team: a basic infantry soldier, a heavy weapons trooper, a sniper, and a pilot. The fifth class is unique for each faction. Unit List:


  • Clone Trooper (Basic Infantry)
  • ARC Trooper (Heavy weapons) Colored w/blue armor
  • Clone Sniper (Sniper) Colored w/red armor
  • Clone Pilot (Pilot) Colored w/orange armor
  • Jet Trooper (Special) Colored w/green armor


  • Super Battle Droid (Basic infantry)
  • Demolition Droid (Heavy weapons) colored w/blue armor
  • Sniper Droid (Sniper) colored w/red armor
  • Droid Pilot (Pilot)
  • Destroyer Droid (Special)


  • Stormtrooper (Basic Infantry)
  • Shock Trooper (Heavy Weapons) colored w/orange label
  • Scout Trooper (Sniper)
  • Imperial Pilot (Pilot) colored w/black armor
  • Dark Trooper (Special) colored w/ dark gray armor

Rebel Alliance:

  • Rebel Trooper (Basic Infantry)
  • Rebel Vanguard (Heavy Weapons) colored w/gray helmet
  • Rebel Sniper (Sniper)
  • Rebel Pilot (Pilot) colored w/ orange clothing
  • Wookie Warrior (Special)
  • Maps

Star Wars Battlefront comes complete with a good number of playable maps. Maps list:

  • Jedi Hero

Jedi Heroes and villains appear in this game but are NPCs. If you go to options, you can set Heros on or off. Setting heroes on grants each team a hero when you play Instant Action. They are invincible, but you can kill them by blowing them up and off a platform with a pit.

Jedi Heroes:

  • Mace Windu (Republic)
  • Count Dooku (CIS)
  • Darth Vader (Empire)
  • Luke Skywalker (Rebel Alliance)

Heroes also appear as a planetary bonus in Galactic Conquest.

[edit] Gaming Modes

  • Instand Action

In this game mode, you can jump right into the action. Pick which maps you wish to play on and get started.

  • Galactic Conquest

You'll be able to command your troops in your very own conquest. There are many eras to choose from, each one with a different map set. Attack enemy controlled planets to take them over and collect the bonus there. The game ends on one team has captured all of the planets.

  • Historical Campaign

The Campaign takes you through the Clone Wars and the Galactic Civil War. The Clone Wars tells the story of the prequel to the Galactic Civil War, with the Droid Army invading Naboo and the creation of the Clone Troopers. The classic Galactic Civil War takes you through the original Star Wars story of Darth Vader and the Empire's attempts to crush the Rebel Alliance, and the Rebel's struggle to defeat the evil Imperial forces. By completing Campaign levels, you can unlock bonus image slideshows in the Options menu.

[edit] Multiplayer and Splitscreen

  • Splitscreen

This allows you and a friend to play together or against each other in any game mode (you'll be on the same side in Campaign). You can step right into the action with Instant Action or have a mighty Galactic Conquest battle.

  • Multiplayer

Get the required materials and you can get online and play with the full 16 players! This is available on the PC, Xbox, and PS2.

[edit] Xbox Live System Requirements

  • High speed Internet service(cable or DSL)
  • Ethernet cable(not inculded)
  • Subcription to Xbox Live service*(sold separately)

Performance may vary based on game, Internet service speed, network activity, or capacity. Depending on your Internet service connection or network configuration, additional hardware may be required. Most high speed Internet services will work with Xbox Live some may not. Check with your service provider.

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