Rhen Var: Citadel

Rhen Var: Citadel
RV Citadel2.jpgA view of the Citadel
AppearanceStar Wars: Battlefront
Playable BattlesClone Wars, Galactic Civil War
Reinforcement Count200 per team
Command Posts7
ObjectiveLand Based

Rhen Var: Citadel was one of the two Rhen Var maps that appeared in Star Wars: Battlefront. It is an old, ruined citadel that was probably left behind becuase of the Ice Age that came over the planet.

[edit] Layout

RV Citadel1.jpg This map is fairly large and has five Command Posts that start as neutral at the beginning of the battle. The Empire/Republic spawns at CP 1, located at the top left of the map, and the Rebellion/CIS spawns at CP 6, opposite CP 1. Moving throughout the battle, you'll see there is plenty of open space and cover. Spawning at CP 1, your forces will most likely take CP 5, which is a few stairs away from CP 1. This area is hard to defend and attack, but it gives a good sniping view of CP 7. The area where most of the battle will take place is outside of CP 4. If you start as a rebel/droid, this'll be your fist CP, but watch out for oncoming forces from CP 5. Across from the entrance to CP 4 is CP 7, probably the hardest Command Post to control. The Rebellion/CIS will claim this area, but a Dark Trooper or a Jet Trooper could get there beforehand. The enemy can easily attack you, but the turrets at CP 7 can make defending the CP a little easier. Keep in mind there is little cover.

Command Post 3 is underground and rather annoying to find. The Rebels/CIS will claim this area first, and with a turret outside that has a view of Imperial/Republic forces, capturing CP 3 can be quite hard. Once inside, you'll have to watch out for forces coming from two entrances. The pillars down there give you some nice cover, but can also hide the enemy. Command Post 2 is usually the Rebellion/CIS's last CP, and with a turret that can see forces coming from all sides, this CP can be hard to get with the last 30 soldiers storming out of it. Defending CP 6 (which is usually friendly to the Empire/Republic at this point) can be difficult at this time.

[edit] Strategies

  • Empire/Republic:

Start as a Dark Trooper/Jet Trooper and quickly take CP 5. Then make haste to capture CP 4. This can help surround the enemy who is entering at this point. They'll probably send someone out to take CP 7, but you can jet over them and take the CP before them. This will help your forces advance and push back the Rebels/droids. At this time you have two options: capture CP 6 and bottle up the enemy at CP 2, or get CP 2 and punish the forces at CP 6 (which is the easier route).

  • Rebellion/CIS

Hurry up and take CP 4. Take out the enemy's army that comes around, giving your team time to take CP 7. Then you can take out your enemy the same way they can, although the Empire/Rebuplic has a less defendable position.

[edit] In Campaign

The Citadel served as an Imperial outpost that they used against the Rebellion. The Alliance discovered it, however, and sent out an army to take it over. You play as the Empire in this level.

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