The Lightsaber is a weapon that features a beam of high-powered energy emitted from the saber's hilt as a blade. They are wielded mainly by Jedi, as they can be dangerous to use for anyone not attuned to The Force.


[edit] History of Lightsabers

The first Lightsabers were built around the time period of 15,000 BBY. They were unwieldy, unstable, and required an external power source, which was usually attached to a belt worn around the waist. Because of this, the weapons were used very rarely, if ever. About 8,000 years later, the sabers grew more stable and efficient, but still relied on the external power supply.

The Great Hyperspace War brought about improvements in the weapon, the most notable being an internal power supply, thus giving birth to the modern Lightsaber as we now know it.

[edit] Building a Lightsaber

The construction of Lightsabers is extremely difficult without knowledge of the Force. The internal components of a Lightsaber include an emitter, lens, power cells, and focusing crystal(s). The most important part of the Lightsaber is the crystal, which must be imbued with power by channeling Force energy to it through meditation.

[edit] Wielding a Lightsaber

While anyone is able to use them to a small degree, lightsabers are the traditional weapons of choice of Jedi and Sith alike, whose sensitivity to the Force provides them with the reflexes necessary to wield them proficiently. In the hands of a novice they tend to be cumbersome tools for cutting through tough materials; in the hands of a master, their might as a personal weapon is unmatched, providing the user with the ability to even deflect laser bolts. One notable character to have no control of the Force is General Grievous, whom after being trained by Count Dooku in the art of wielding a Lightsaber, went on to steal Lightsabers from Jedi and ended up with one for each of his hands, making for a grand total of four.

[edit] Famous Lightsabers

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