Lego Star Wars Walkthrough


[edit] Episode I: The Phantom Menace

[edit] Level 1: Negotiations

Use the force on all the objects in this first room. Then blow up the containers to get a lot of studs. Use the force on the door and kill the droids that attack you and use the force on any objects you can. Head down the hallway, killing any droids that try to kill you. Continue through the hallways until you get to an area with a protocol droid. Press Y near him and use him to open the next two doors. Switch to a Jedi and go to the next room. Use the force on the thing guarding the door. Kill the droids and walk through. Jump down and go to the right. Now you'll have to face off against some droidekas. Kill them and the other droids. Walk to the force field. Use the force the things on the wall next to it, and they will turn into platforms. Jump on them and over the wall. Kill the droids and switch to the protocol droid to press the switch. Enter the ship, and you've completed the first level!

[edit] Level 2: Invasion of Naboo

Run along until you get to a tree. Use the Force on it to get through. When you reach a big droid ship, use the force on the object on the side until it explodes. Continue forward to see a cutscene. Keep going forward after the cutscene and climb the staircase. Use the force on the wall and jump on and off the platform it makes. Use Jar Jar's high jumping ability to jump up on the wall and it will fall over. Switch to a Jedi and use the Force on the panel it reveals to lower a platform, and use it to hop to the next platform. You'll need Jar-Jar to jump to the next couple of platforms. Use the force on the little wall surrounding that platform. Use the platform it makes, jump up and continue through the door. Follow this path to the other side. Use Jar-Jar to jump up and knock down the platform. Go through the newly revealed door, and follow this path to the lake. Continue a little further to complete the level

[edit] Level 3: Escape from Naboo

When you start off, you'll have to defeat a bunch of droids. Now run over to the red circle on the ground, and press the X button while controlling a character that uses a blaster to grapple upwards. Go along the platform and grapple again. Keep grappling until you get to a group of droids. Kill them and go through the archway. Go down the stairs and across the bridge. Shoot the target and go through the open door. Keep going until you can hear lightsabers. Shoot the cage and drop down. Kill the droids and head right. Shoot the explosives on top of the platforms. The platforms will start to move, allowing you to jump on them and shoot the targets, which will open the gate, allowing you to go through. Cross the bridge. Kill the droids and jump on top of the domes, and step on the switches. One of them opens a hole to the exit.

[edit] Level 4: Mos Espa Podrace

The race is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory. Try to hit every boost panel and avoid the traps in order to complete each part of the race in the allotted time. The level gets progressively harder after each lap. If you get killed during part of the race, you don't have to start from the beginning of the race, but you do have to start from the beginning of that particular part of the race.

[edit] Level 5: Retake Theed Palace

Run straight out. Kill the droids. Use the force on the pile of rubble to make a bridge. Run up and use the Force on the panel. Walk through the door. Switch to a Jedi and use the Force on the hook, panel, and the bridge in order for your allies to pass through the level with you. Jump across and head into the next area. Kill the droids that come out and step on a switch. This will cause your party members to do the same, opening another door. Head straight and use the Force to open it. Go outside. Follow the path until you reach a courtyard. Run straight and to the right and you'll come to a small alcove with bricks laying on the floor. Use the Force on them all and jump up. Use the force to make a bridge and walk across. Blow up the flower box and then the vent and use young Anakin to go through it. Do the same on the other side, step on the switch and come back. Go through the newly opened door. Jump on one of the platforms at the end and use the Force with your partner and you both will rise up. Jump off quickly and use the Force on the other platform. Jump over and stand on a switch. Your party members will follow suit. Now that the window's open, go through. Head to the staircase and go up. Kill the droidekas and blow up the statue at the front wall. Step on the switch, go down and through the door on the right. Now you have to save 6 pilots. Go to the right until you see two pilots in front of a starfighter. Kill the droids to save them. Go a liitle more to the right and jump on a force box. Lift up and jump to the guards. Go all the way to the left and and stack some boxes in order to go up. To do this, stack the boxes in this order: small, large, small. Now use the boxes you just stacked to get onto the platform. Use the force on the object on the wall. Jump on it and go up and to the left. Kill the droid and save the pilot. Drop and go straight down. Make another stack of boxes and save the pilot. Go back to the right. Use the newly formed panel and go through the door.

[edit] Level 6: Darth Maul

Kill the droids. Maul will start throwing objects at you. Use the Force while they're coming at you to throw them back. Afterthree times he'll retreat. Follow him. Follow him through this area and use the Force on the necessary platforms. In the next area, kill the droid commanders and then the droidekas, step on the switch, and follow Darth Maul to the next area. Use the force on the switches to get through then you’ll enter battle with Maul. He’s not too hard if you use the jump attack, or the double-jump attack. When he takes some damage, he will force choke the character that you are controlling. When this happens, simply switch characters, and attack. At this point, this is the only way to damage him. He will also sometimes throw things at you. Use the Force to knock them back at him.

[edit] Episode II: Attack of the Clones

[edit] Level 1: Discovery on Kamino

Walk up and repair the power generator with the Force. This will extend a bridge. Cross it and follow the Kaminoan to a room where there are little switches on the ground. Walk on all of these quickly and use the Force on the object in the middle to trigger a cutscene. Continue following the Kaminoan and you'll get to a room with Jango Fett. He'll run by you and some droids will come in. Kill them and go back out into the hall. Kill the turrets and follow Jango Fett into the room and through the pipe. He has laid mines on the bridge. To get past them, creep up to them carefully and when they start to beep, quickly jump back. Keep doing this until you reach the end of the minefield. Keep going along the bridge. At the end, step on the switch and part of a bridge will come out. Switch to R5 and fly across. Do the same to this switch and Obi-Wan will come across. Switch back to him and use the Force on the things on the wall to reveal an astromech droid panel. Use it to go through to the next area. Switch to R5 and activate each of panels on the wall. If you don't do this, the hatches will remain open and the droids will never stop coming out. Kill the droids that are left and use the Force on the rubble, revealing a panel for R5 to use. Go outside. Now you have to fight Jango Fett and his son Boba (who's piloting the ship). Use R5 on the panels and the turrets will shoot at the ship, distracting it from shooting you. Now switch back to Obi-Wan and when Jango shoots you, time your attack just right, and you'll deflect the laser back at him. Eventually he will start to shoot rockets. Use the Force to push them back at him. After he takes enough damage, he will wizen up and start to run from you. You have to be quick and hit him in order to "defeat" him. After the battle, he gets away and the level is finished.

[edit] Level 2: Droid Factory

Head forward and some Geonosians will attack you. Kill them and go through the door. Drop down to the conveyor belt. Run under the machinery as it's going up to avoid being crushed (this is an instant kill if you get it wrong). Repeat this until you reach the end of the belt, where you'll find R2-D2. Activate the fans using the Force and ride up them. Get off onto the platform and go through the door. Use Padme to grapple up and shoot the switch. This will raise a barrel. Jump on it and then onto the next platform. Grapple to the next platform, and shoot the switch. The barrel will start moving. Jump onto it, and it will drop you off at the next platform. Use the Force on the switch on the ground. Shoot it and the barrels next to you will start to move up and down. Jump on them and then onto the platform. Jump on the next barrel and continue along until you get to the area with an R2 panel. Use it and go through. Use Anakin to jump on the platform. Use the force on the thing in the middle. C-3PO will get on. Continue rotating and get off at the other end. Use C-3PO to open the door and continue. Some Geonosians will come at you. Destroy them and continue to the right. Use Padme to grapple up and shoot the thing at the end. Then use the Force on it and then use R2 to hover across and make the bridge using the panel, then use C-3PO to open the door. Use R2 to activate the switch on the right conveyor belt. Use the Force on the thing that comes out and shoot it to blow up the force field. Go through, kill the droids, and use the Force on the things holding Obi-Wan's limbs to complete the level.

[edit] Level 3: Jedi Battle

This is a somewhat short level. You have to rescue your three captured friends. Start with Padme, who should be near the start of the level. Kill the guards and use the force on the thing she is standing on. Go along the edge of the level and do the same for your other party members. After that, some droids will charge out. Kill the Super Battle Droids and more will come. Kill those too, and then you'll face off against Jango Fett for the second and final time. He's easier this time around, because there's no ship shooting at you. Like last time, deflect his blaster shots and push his rockets back at him with the Force. When you've killed Jango, the level is over.

[edit] Level 4: Gunship Calvary

Another short level where you get to fly a ship. You can get lots of studs here by destroying everything you can. Shoot the blue electric things to clear your way through the level. In the next area, shoot the lasers when they stop shooting at you. Do this to both sides of the shield and then blow up the power converters when the shield is down. Repeat for the other converters to destroy the ship and finish the level. You have to work quickly though, because there's a time limit. When time runs out, the ship will escape and you'll have to start over trying to destroy it!

[edit] Level 5: Count Dooku

Head inside and kill the droids Dooku sends. Now follow him to the next room. More enemies attack you. Kill them and press the switch on the ground. Your partner will jump on the next switch. Jump on the one after him and so on. At the top, use the force on a switch and your partner will do the same to the other. Now you'll have to fight Count Dooku. Use the same strategy you did on Darth Maul. When he throws objects at you, return them back to him with the Force. Remember to try and stay close to him, or he'll attack you with a jump that always does damage. After you've defeated Dooku, you can move on to the next episode.

[edit] Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

[edit] Level 1: Battle over Coruscant

Just shoot everything that can be destroyed to get through this simple Ship-flying level.

[edit] Level 2: Chancellor in Peril

Go straight down the hallway and use the force on the door. Go through it and drop down. Kill the droids here. Go to the other end and use the force on the things on the wall. Now jump up and use the Force on the yellow cages on the wall. Go through and kill the droids. In the next area, use R2-D2 to open the door with a bomb inside. Use the force on it to put it in the other door, where it will explode, making the ceiling fall and giving you a ladder. In the next area, go to the right and use the force on the object hanging on the wall. Jump up on it. Now force the little orange thing. Use the air current to continue upwards. Kill the droideka and proceed to the next level. Fight Dooku using the same method as last time and then head up the stairs and through the door. The wall will start closing in on you. When that's over with, you can either use R2 with the panel and backtrack to get any studs you may have missed, or go through the door. After going through the door, use the Force on the appropriate objects to get through this area. Now run through and kill the droids and the bodyguards in here and then use the Force on the computers and you win the level.

[edit] Level 3: General Grievous

Immediately jump and attack Grievous twice and he'll jump away. Switch to the clone and shoot the explosive barrel. It'll blow up, causing Grievous to jump back over. Switch back to Obi-Wan and attack him again until he jumps away. Use the Force on the rubble to make a bridge. Walk across it and jump up the platforms. Use the Force on the stuff on the wall to make a platform. Switch to the clone and jump up on it. Jump again and shoot the explosive barrel and knock Grievous back down. Attack with Obi-Wan Kenobi again until Grievous jumps away. Go back to the previous area and jump up the stairs that you made with the Force. Use the Force on the blocks on the wall and then the explosive. Now shoot it with the clone trooper. Attack Grievous for the final time with Obi-Wan to complete the stage.

[edit] Level 4: Defense of Kashyyyk

Go along the platforms and use the force on the things next to the bridges to lower them. Keep doing this and you'll come to clones that will attack you. After defeating them, continue along the bridges until you see that some of the Wookiees have been captures. They are all atop a platform, except one, who is guarded by two troopers. Save them all and go to the bridge farther along the platforms. Stand on a switch and head over the bridge to the beach. You can probably avoid fighting most of the enemies here, but the walkers might cause you a bit of trouble. To destroy them, get close and rapidly hit B. Work your way to the other end of the beach and use the Force on the flowers. One will reveal a grapple point. Grapple up, shoot the switches, and go through the door. Fight your way through this area and go through the exit on the other side. Follow this path until you get to the boulder path. Kill the walker and use the Force on the flowers to reveal a staircase. Jump up it and go along the boulder paths. Jump into a boulder right as it hits you to avoid damage, or just destroy it. Use the Force on the rubble at the end and to make a staircase to get to the switches you need to stand on to open the door. Follow the path and when you get to an area with little nodes surrounding a patch of grass, use the Force on them then destroy them and reveal a shuttle. Use the force on the shuttle to escape this level.

[edit] Level 5: Ruin of the Jedi

Kill the disguised clones. Now head toward the stairs and use the Force on the objects blocking the door and go through. Once inside, head along the catwalk and use the force on the brown lego stack. Jump up the new stairs and head along this platform. Drop down at the end and go right. Move the red blocks using the force and hit the switch underneath. Go straight and in the bigger area go up and to the right. Im here, use the force on the little bridges in the walls. Use them to jump to the switch and activate it. This will let down a force field to the alcove next to you. Go in there and use the very top platform to jump on the switch, then use the switch that was behind the force field. This will open yet another alcove. Do the same in there. This will eventually open the door you need to go through. Kill the clones after going through that door, then use the force on the desk.

[edit] Level 6: Darth Vader

Run and jump over the holes to get to the next area. Use the fallen pillars to raise the clock. Go to the right and move the pillars with the Force. After that, force the things on the edge of the door and exit this area. Use the Force with all the switches and work with Anakin to get out of this area. Jump along the rocks in the lava. Go up, left, and up again to get through. Jump to the rock area before the thing you're on sinks. Now you'll have to fight Anakin. Jump attacks and double-jump attacks work well against him, but he can do the same things as you, so be careful. Defeat him, and you've completed the game!

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