KotOR Keyboard Controls

Below is the complete set of keyboard commands available for use in Knights of the Old Republic. Mastering these keys can be the difference between beating some of the tougher opponents in the game with ease or heavy use of the pause option with tons of micromanagement. When in this game, you learn that every little bit helps.

[edit] Keyboard Commands

Spacebar – Pauses the game. Alternatively, ‘P’ must be used in Mini-Games, along with the below key. Also can shift gears of fire turrents.

Pause – Typically located above the keys ‘home’, ‘insert’, etc, and beside the ‘F’ buttons, this is an alternative for the easy-to-use spacebar.

Enter – Shift Gears of fires a turrent.

ESC - Using this key will take you to the game menu.

F4 - Using this key uses the ‘Quick Save’ option. No matter where you are or what you are doing (excluding cut scenes, dialogue exchanges and mini-games) the game will save in a slot labeled ‘Quick Save’ at the click of the key.

F5 - Using this key will implement the ‘Quick Load’ option. This compliments the ‘Quick Save’ option, as at any point in the game (save those listed above) clicking on this will load your ‘Quick Save’ slot.

F8 – This button also serves as a ‘Quick Save’ button. It is recommended that you learn to use F4 for this option instead, due to proximity to the ‘Quick Load’ ability, and how far away F8 is from most of the other Keyboard Commands

1 – Using this key will activate the left-most action in the target menu above the target’s head.

2 – Using this key is the same as the one above, only it activates the center action above the target’s head.

3 – Using this key has the same effect as the above two keys, except that it activates the right-most action.

4 – Utilizing of this option causes the current ‘Friendly Force Power’ in the left-most box in the Action Menu in the bottom right corner of the screen.

5 – Uses the current item in the ‘Medical’ box, second box from the left in the Action Menu.

6 – Uses the current item in the ‘Misc’ (Typically Grenades) section of the Action Menu, the box second from the right.

7 – Uses the current item in the ‘Mine’ menu when pressed, the box on the far right of the Action Menu.

Tab – Changes the current leader of the party, the character you are playing as, to another character in the party.

Q – Cycle through the targets, going from the right to the left. This includes things such as enemies, consoles, containers and the like.

E – Cycle through the targets, going from the left to the right. This includes things such as enemies, consoles, containers and the like.

F – Uses the default action on target, such as ‘Bash’ or ‘Attack’.

T – Shows the tool tips when used.

U – This is a hotkey, and goes to the ‘Equip Character’ screen when used. Note that it will go to Equip the character that you are currently playing as or using as the leader.

I – This is a hotkey that goes directly to the Party Inventory.

O – This is a hotkey to the Options Menu.

P – This acts as a hotkey to the Player Record Sheet, and when in a Mini-Game, it will pause the action.

W – Directional button that will move your character forward.

S – Directional button that will move your character backwards.

Z – Directional button that will move your character to the left.

C – Directional Button that will move your character to the right.

A – This key will turn the camera to the left.

D – This key will rotate the camera right.

F – This button will cancel all combat actions that your character has queued and your character will take no action until a short amount of time later or until they are attacked again. Useful if you need to re-supply health through some Medical items during combat.

G- Activates Stealth Mode.

J – Acts as a hotkey to the Messages and Feedback Menu.

K – Acts as a hotkey for the Skills/Feats/Force Powers Menu.

L – Acts as a hotkey for the Quests Menu.

X – Flourishes Weapon. This means that your character will twirl his blaster or melee weapon in his hand, or something similar. It provides no combat value, but is cool to look at.

V – Activates the Solo Mode option, when all characters are separated from one another and will not follow the main character around, but will fight if attacked or if it finds something in range.

M – Goes to the Map and Party Management Section/Menu.

Ctrl – If held, this allows you to look around you by moving around the mouse.

[edit] Mouse Commands

Below are the main functions that are used when acting with a mouse.

Right Key - Allows you to look about when held down, and moving the mouse around.

Left Key – Allows you to select objects, perform the default action on them, select other options from Menu’s by clicking on them with this button, shifts gears or fires turrents, and allows for movement or steering when held down while pointing in the desired direction.

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