Knights of the Old Republic Game Modes

A look into a simple description of the different modes of the game. For examples, using a swoop bike, flighting from the gun turrent and just normal fighting between two groups. Just click on the game mode you would most like to know about.


[edit] Normal

The Vanilla of this game is the typical running around and speaking to people section. This is also the sort of game mode that you are going to be playing with when you are in a battle and when you are in a discussion, or when you just happen to be wandering around a planet or the Ebon Hawk.

This mode also has a few submodes to it, which are listed below (so that individual threads can be made in the forum if need be).

[edit] Turrent Fighting

When going from planet to planet, and sometimes when you are escaping them, you will come under the attack of several sith ships, usually six. When this happens, Carth will ask you to run to the turrent and take your place to go into a fight with them while he tries to maneuver them into a position where they can escape into Hyperspace. This requires you to rid yourselves of the attacking fighters.

A few tips. When they first come into the fight, you can manage to take out a few, since they will come at you all from the same direction, usually the one you are facing. Unleash a barrage of shots directly at them and you should be able to cut them down, hopefully to at least four.

All the others will be far away, and will generally move away from the ship in a straight line. They are good targets then and when they are moving closer to the ship, but in the loop itself they are difficult to hit. They will all make attack runs where they get close, so try and do a good bit of damage as they do so.

If you run out of health, which is being monitored at the bottom of your screen, then the ship explodes, you die, and you try again.

[edit] Swoop Racing

Swoop Racing is one of the main attractions and entertainment during this era of the Star Wars universe. Basically, you are seated into a small and incredibly overpowered cousin of the Landspeeder, and your objective is to make it to the other end as quickly as is possible.

Now, this is not a difficult feat. However, there are a few things in your way. First off, these things are not automatic, and you do have to try and change the gears as soon as it says you have to. Second, there are bits and pieces of refuse all over the track that you have to avoid. It might cost you a tiny bit of speed to maneuver but it's much better than having to slow down significantly if you hit one of them. Three, the secret behind it all, the booster pads. Hit one of these for a massive speed boost, and hit as many of these possible without hitting the refuse. A good hint is that you don't need to have the entire body of the pod overtop of the booster for it to work.

Each race is likely to cost you a bit of money to run on, but if you are good at it you can get quite a few things. For example, some quests require you to be a good swoop pilot, and it can also land you quite a bit of cash. For those who get racing bonds on the PC, SAVE THEM! You can sll them for quite a few credits more on the Yavin IV station.

[edit] Pazaak

Pazaak is a newer game to the Star Wars universe and is not particularly hard for people to pick up. You do not need to be a good player to win. Hell, you don't even have to play the game to beat the game, and many players tend not to, but it's a good game to pass the time and, if you have a good deck and a nice amount of cards, you can pick up a wonderful amount of credits from it as well. If you are still using the starter deck against some of the more experienced fellows, be warned, it's likely you will lose.

Unlike the other game modes at this point, I've broken this one down into a few different sections. While not as complicated when it comes to finances as Swoop Racing is, there are some aspects to it that are different enough that having different sections just makes it easier for folks who make forum threads on it.

Onto the information! Click the section you want to learn more about.

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