Knights of the Old Republic Attributes Guide

Within KotOR, most of the essential game functions that your player are carried out due to attributes, which consist of Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Charisma, Intelligence and Constitution. Below is each attribute and which class of beginning soldier it best fits too. If it doesn’t matter for those classes, then the Jedi ones will be considered. When you make it to that point, attributes like Wisdom and Charisma are going to start looking significantly better.

It’s recommended that you try and make sure everything is at least 10, this means that there will not be any -1’s to any of your stat attributes, which might cause problems later on.


[edit] Strength

Strength provides you with the power behind your physical blows, ranging from a full blown staff to a club to a vibroblade. The higher your strength, the more damage you can manage with melee weapons. The Strength attribute is best suited to the Soldier who might have to do tons of close-quarters fighting with the enemy, however all close-in characters should have a sufficient strength score. No skill directly goes with this attribute, but if you want to have a character excellent in melee this is the attribute to focus on.

[edit] Dexterity

Dexterity determines the amount of damage of ranged weapons as well as their accuracy. It also affects your ability to avoid attacks. An essential attribute for all ranged characters.

[edit] Wisdom

Early on in the game, the effects of Wisdom can be overlooked. Later on, they effect how well the Force works upon you and how well you can use this. It’s the best tool for Consulars, given that more than likely they will be spending most of their time trying to bring Force powers into play against the enemy.

[edit] Charisma

Also related to the powers of the Jedi, this attribute will add modifiers to such abilities. Not only will you gain that, but your ability to speak with others is also improved, as assumed, and you can thus get your enemies or some random people to let you know what you want to know a little bit easier without as much ear twisting. This ability, along with the Persuade feats, is a good choice for all classes who would rather take such paths, especially Consulars.

[edit] Intelligence

Each level, you gain a set amount of points which you can put towards learning new feats. In addition to providing you with the ability to splice computers and secure systems a lot easier, having more of these gives you more of these to use per level, one per two points. Best used by scoundrels, who will need those points to ply the trades that the republic has them signed up for.

[edit] Constitution

Another mainstay of the Soldier’s, this addition improves the amount of HP you gain per level and the amount you will have overall. Having a high constitution is much like having a high defense in the respect that it gives you a better chance to survive oncoming attacks. Your front line player who is often leading should have a high Constitution rating.

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