[edit] Background

Kas'im was a Twi'lek Sith male who was born on the Hutt planet of Nal Hutta. Kas'im was discovered by the Sith Lord Na'daz and became his apprentice at a very young age. Na'daz taught him in all of the forms of lightsaber combat, and once Kas'im felt he had learned enough, he killed him. Kas'im was invited by Kaan to join his Brotherhood of Darkness for his New Sith Order. During the Great Sith War Kas'im served as the Sith's Blademaster and was responsible for teaching many of the Sith the ways of combat. When Darth Bane asked Kas'im to help him to train to gain revenge for a duel he had lost to another student. Kas'im agreed and began to teach Bane privately. However, the Headmaster of the Academy, Qordis, ordered Kas'im to desist since Bane began to drift away from the Dark Side. Kas'im defied the order and continued to teach Bane. After Bane left Kaan told Kas'im to follow him and try to sway him back into the fold. Kas'im followed Bane back to Lehon and after a vicious duel in which Bane was named the victor, Kas'im was killed.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

Kas'im was a highly regarded Sith Blademaster and an expert in all seven forms of lightsaber combat. Even though Kas'im preferred a double-bladed lightsaber because it presented a situation most of his opponents hadn't faced before. Kas'im was widely thought to be one of the most skilled Sith duelists of his era and even of all time. He could also use many different Force abilities, including telekinesis which he could use to aid him in his use of jumps during combat.

[edit] Trivia

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