Hoth1.jpgTwo AT-ATs on Hoth
AppearancesStar Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Battlefront II, Lego Star Wars II, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back
SWB Playable BattlesGalactic Civil War
SWB Reinforcement Count250 per team; 150 in SWB2
SWB Command Posts6; 5 in SWB2
ObjectiveLand and Air based
LSW LevelThe first level of Episode V

Hoth is an isolated, snow-covered planet. It was used as a base for the Rebel Alliance during the events of the first Galactic Civil War.


[edit] Overview

Hoth is hard to live in. The temperatures are freezing; even the native TaunTauns cannot survive the weather at certain levels. There are also the vicious Wampas who inhabit the caves around Hoth. Luke Skywalker encountered one of these beasts and was nearly killed.

It's snowing constantly on the planet, there's never a break in the constant snow drop. The many hills that make up the landscape are solid, probably formed from snow on top of snow and so on. Most of Hoth is an open, snow-covered plain.

[edit] Star Wars Battlefront Series

Hoth appeared in Star Wars: Battlefront and its sequel. It served as a map for Instant Action and as a campaign level in both games.

[edit] Layout

Hoth2.jpg Hoth has nearly no means of cover except for the bunker Command Posts and the hangar. This can be trouble if you're an infantry soldier, as you're a sitting duck for a sniper. However, the sniper is also open because of the lack of cover.

Command Post 4 is the Empire's starting CP. Two AT-STs spawn here, which are very effective on this map, along with a few turrets. Two AT-ATs, which serve as mobile Command Posts, start a little ways back from the action. Command Post 3 is a bunker with ditches to hide in outside and many turrets. The bunker itself has two turrets and a building with an open window. There is also a path to CP 4, which is a control room. From this room is a path to CP 1, the Rebel's hangar bay. Four Snowspeeders spawn here, and the Millenium Falcon is parked inside as decoration. Commad Post 5 is the Shield Generator. Destroying it is a side-mission for the Empire, and if you have all CPs in the first Battlefront, destroying the Generator begins the victory countdown. There is also a path at the Shield Generator that leads to a health/ammo room and CP 6, another bunker CP. This is like CP 3, but with a better view of CP 4. A small ditch is a little ways from the main area that comes with a turret.

Small changes were made for Star Wars Battlefront 2.

  • Command Post 2 was removed, but the control room is still there.
  • The two AT-STs that spawn CP 4 were removed.
  • The path from CP 6 to CP 5 is blocked by snow.
  • Command Post 6 starts off Imperial controlled-it was Rebel controlled originally.

[edit] Strategies

  • Empire (1)

Spawn by the AT-AT and get inside. March down the battlefield and destroy any resistance that attempts to stop you. As your team captures Command Post 3, make your way to the hangar. Rebels should spawn there more frequently, blow them up once they reveal themselves. Once the rebels are losing numbers, capture the hangar and destroy the Shield Generator

  • Empire (2)

This can only work in Star Wars: Battlefront.

Spawn at CP 4 as a Dark Trooper. Immediatley jet over to an AT-ST and take it down to CP 3. Crush the Rebel forces there, and once the Rebels stop spawning often, capture the CP. Make your way to the control room and take over CP 2 (you shouldn't get much resistance). From here, you can attack the hangar bay. Take control of it, then blast the Shield Bunker and its defenders for a bit with a turret outside. Then make a run for the pathway by the Generator to CP 6. Most Rebels should be here, so quickly take the CP and spawn your team right where the enemy is at. You can then destroy the Shield Generator to eliminate the rest of the Rebellion.

  • Rebellion

Chances of winning are very slim as this faction. Defend your CPs and crush any attack attmepts by the Empire, and maybe you'll stand a chance.

[edit] In Campaign

Hoth appeared in the Galactic Civil War Historical Campaign for SWB and the Rise of the Empire campaign for SWB2.

  • In the Historical Campaign

The Empire invades the planet as they did in the movies. You play as the Rebellion in this level, the objective being to win. This is odd becuase the Empire wins the battle of Hoth, but in the campaign the Rebels win.

  • Rise of the Empire

The invasion of Hoth was the final level in the SWB2 campaign. You had to play as the Empire and complete many objctives leading up to destroying the Rebel transports, stranding the Rebel survivors on Hoth.

[edit] Lego Star Wars II

Hoth appeared as the first level for the Episode V section of Lego Star Wars II. The first part of the level can be quite an annoyance: you'll have to control a Snowspeer and destroy certain Imperial vehicels. You'll also have to grapple onto bombs and ram them into areas so you can advance.

The next level is Han Solo's attempt to escape the Echo Base as the Empire invades. Make your way to the Millenium Falcon will beating the brick out of the Empire's forces.

You start in a control room and you'll have to work your way through many obstacles. A common one as an Imperial turret that can blow you up in a few shots. There are some puzzles that you'll have to solve in order to advance.

[edit] In the Movie

Hoth served as a base for the Rebel Alliance. It was big and isolated. However, the Empire discovered the planet and sent down droids to survey the snowy world for any signs of Rebel activity. Luke goes out to search for one, and nearly dies after a Wampa attack. Han Solo and Chewbacca find a Probe Droid and destroy it, but it was able to locate the Rebel base. The Empire, who had staff watching the droids' cameras, reported their discovery. Darth Vader ordered an invasion of the planet.

The Rebellion figured out the Empire was attacking and quickly got into defensive positions. Rebels took cover in small ditches and others got into the turrets. When the Rebel army saw the giant AT-ATs in the distance, they knew that the battle was going to be hard to win. Snowspeeders were sent out to take down the AT-ATs. Only a few succeeded. Luke had another close encounter with death as he gets out of his crashed Snowspeeder before the foot of an AT-AT crushes it with the body of Dack Ralter inside.

The Rebels were pushed back by the Imperial assault, and the Empire soon reached the base itself. Stormtroopers made their way in, along with Darth Vader, who hoped to capture Han Solo and Princess Leia. The Rebel efforts to defend the base were in vain: Vader and his troopers eventually caught up with Solo. Stormtroopers set up turrets and attempted to stop the Millenium Falcon from taking off, but Han ended up evading Imperial forces once more.

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