[edit] Background

HK-47 was an assassin droid built by Darth Revan after the events of Malachor V. HK-47 was captured on a mission in Mandolorian space not long before Revan was captured by the Jedi. For the next few years the droid was juggled from owner to owner before being bought by a droid parts dealer on Tatooine named Yuka Luka. HK-47 was accidentally bought by his former master and constructor, Revan, who's memory had also been erased. Revan had needs of HK's talents, not because of his assassin protocols, but because knew the Sand People dialect. Revan used HK-47 as a translator when he negotiated with the Sand People Chieftan in order to decrease the attacks on Czercha personnel. When Revan regained his memory after confronting Malak for the first time it was also the key to unlock Hk-47's memory core and all of his combat programming. HK-47 would remain with Revan throughout the remainder of his journey and was celebrated with the rest of Revan's party as a hero.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

As the name 'Assassin Droid' suggests, HK-47 was a formidable combatant. He was quite stealthy and was used as a Jedi hunter. HK specialized in the use of rifles and was often seen using a Droid Assassins rifle. During his travels with Revan he allowed him to use his programming as a fighter simulation to keep his skills sharp. As shown when he translated the Sand People language, Hk-47 was a skilled translator and he often boasted that he could translate over 6,000 languages, but that was never proven.

[edit] Trivia

HK-47 referred to most organic life forms as 'meatbags'.

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