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[edit] Star Wars: Battle Front II

[edit] One of the Best Star Wars Games Yet!

(Review Rating: 4.6)


+Fun Single Player and Multi Player gameplay
+Plenty of Infantry classes
+New features like playing as Jedi and Sith not mention Space Battles


-Slow paced space battles
-Some Maps are missing


Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a game developed by Pandemic Studios and published by LucasArts. Unlike most Star Wars games I have played, Battlefront 2's main focus is on ground troops, as opposed to Jedi. I categorize this game as a first and third person shooter.

The first Battlefront game was ground troops exclusive. In other words, no Jedi, Sith, or other heroes from the movies. There were also no space battles. It all changed with the arrival of Battlefront2, which boasted space battles and the ability to play as your favorite movie characters.

The first gameplay mode is instant action. You create your own profile and fight the CPU in either a battle mode, which is a 32 player death match to a set number of kills, capture the flag, which is self explanatory, or a hunt mode in which you take control or fight your favorite animals is star wars. I enjoyed hunt mode, especially being an ewok. Instant action is guaranteed to keep you busy on this game.

Lets talk about maps. This game boasts some well designed maps. 16 maps in the game are new. They range from large, open range maps like Dagobah and Endor, to close-quarters combat like Tantive IV and the Death Star. The only thing I dislike is the fact that some great maps in Battlefront I did not make the cut to get into Battlefront 2. Like Bespin.

Another gameplay mode is Galactic conquest. I fast paced strategy game where you control planets, and carefully, take over and battle for planets controlled by the CPU. You win by capturing every planet, which is quite difficult. You can purchase upgrades for your troops like being able to play as a hero and extra health and ammunition. The worst thing you can do in this mode is go into a battle drastically outnumbered. I did not enjoy this gameplay mode because it was difficult and not that fun.

There is also a campaign mode. You control a clone trooper, a member of the 501st legion. Go into battles just like the movies and finish objectives given to you by your commander. The game mode follows plays out just like the movies, for example if you are battling on Utapau, you will be asked to take control of Obi-Wan Kenobi and kill General Grievous, just like the movie. The story follows past your betrayal of the Jedi and into your transformation into a storm trooper. I enjoyed this part of the game a lot, but it felt a little bit short.

The last game mode is assault on Mos Eisley. You side as either the Heroes or the Villains and duke it out. Fighting off all of the movie characters you can imagine. This game mode is fun. However, the duels feel short. Jedi and Sith fights that took up 20-30 minutes in the movies last 5-10 seconds in the game. It is also set as a death match type gameplay.

The last single player mode I will review is space battles. The space battles feature plenty of ships. The objectives are to destroy your enemies main ship before they destroy you. You can do this by hitting the weak areas in the enemies main ship. I do not often play space battles because they are just way to slow paced for me. They don’t feel fast like in the movies.

Now to talk about multiplayer which is an insane amount of fun. You can play online which is amazing. Online play is probably the best part of this game. You can learn a lot from it. Also split screen multiplayer with a friend is just as fun. You get to play in all of the game modes mentioned in this review. Nothing is better than going online and showing those noobs whose boss.

To sum it all up, Battlefront 2 is the best Star Wars game I have ever played. On a scale of 1-100 I give it a 92. I would always suggest that any person who is thinking about getting this game should buy it. Even if the are not Star Wars fans.

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