Galen Marek

Galen Marek (Starkiller)
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Marek as seen in Soul Calibur IV
Affiliation(s):The Galactic Empire

"A son of a fallen Jedi is abducted by Vader to be his Secret Apprentice. As a young adult, the apprentice must choose his destiny: Join Lord Vader and wipe out the remaining Jedi, or become a noble Jedi and bring hope to the galaxy."

Galen Marek is a fictional character in the Star Wars universe. He is sometimes better known by his codename, Starkiller. Marek was the secret apprentice of Darth Vader in the videogame Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. He was discovered by Vader on his home planet of Kashyyyk. He is the son of two Jedi's, Mallie and Kento Marek, the latter of whom was killed by Vader. As an apprentice he was forced to his masters bidding, including searching for other Jedi's who managed to survive Order 66.

[edit] The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed chronicles the life of Starkiller as he is introduced into the Star Wars world as Vader's Secret apprentice. It stars off with Lord Vader who is looking for any remaining Jedi who may have survived Order 66. His search takes him to a small home on the planet of Kashyyyk. There he comes upon a Jedi named Kento Marek, who Vader easily takes care of. Upon asking Kento for information on other Jedi, Vader's lightsaber comes out of his hand and into the young boys'.
Galen Marek holding Darth Vader's lightsaber
The boy, Galen Marek, is the son of Kento. Vader, sensing the great amount of force and strength in the boy, kills his father and takes him with him. He then trains Galen to become an all powerful force user, and in turn wants him to take out any remaining Jedi.

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