Ewoks are a fictional race within the Star Wars Universe.

They reside on the planet Endor and are encountered by Princess Leia and other members of the Rebel Alliance when she leads a team attempting to power down the Death StarShield Generator that is located on the planet. Initially a bit confused and uncertain as to the presence of Humans, Wicket and the other Ewoks catch Chewbacca in a trap. Having discovered C-3PO, and being dazzled by his golden appearence, the Ewoks decide that he is some kind of deity and prepare to sacrifice the rest of the group in his honour. However, after some quick thinking by Threepio, the Ewoks welcome the entire group into their tribe and join the Rebel Alliance in their battle against the Imperial forces. Many Ewok lives are lost as they help to defend Endor, but Wicket and the other survivors throw a party at the end of the film signifying their renewed freedom after the destruction of the Death Star.

[edit] Appearence

The Ewoks are cute and furry, and resemble teddy bears. However, they often carry Spears, Catapults and other weapons to partially remove them from this Cute image.

The Ewoks provided a great marketing opportunity for Lucasarts, and some sceptics found them an obvious and irritating inclusion to the franchise.

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