Endar Spire

[edit] Overview

The Endar Spire is a Republic Attack Cruiser which comes under attack over the planet Taris, a version of Coruscant much closer to the outer rim. Unfortunately for the crew and many Republic Citizens, the Endar Spire is destroyed with only three known survivors making it back to Republic controlled space. One of those people is to be Bastila, one of the most prominent Jedi, a surprise for most people considering her age. Admiral Forn Dodonna and many of the Republic commanders go into battles with these vessels in tow during this age. It is the prominent Republic design and is comparable to that of many of the Sith Battle Cruisers, which have been appearing in record numbers.

[edit] Attack on the Endar Spire

In the skies of Taris, in 3,956 BBY the Attack on the Endar Spire took place. Ambushed by an attack lead by Darth Malak (a past Jedi Knight and a Sith Lord during the Jedi Civil War), the main purpose of the attack was to eliminate a Jedi by the name of Bastilla as the ship was pulled out of hyperspace. Managing to escape the ambush was a failure, along with two others by escape pod named Revan and Carth after Trask sacrificed his life in a battle with Darth Malak's apprentice Darth Bandon to give them the time to escape.

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