Darth Traya

[edit] Background

Kreia and Darth Traya were one in the same. Kreia was a Jedi Master during the years prior of the Mandalorian Wars. She would be exiled from the Order because her students had all followed Revan in his quest against the Mandalorians. After she was exiled she walked the same path that Revan walked in an attempt to find what had changed him. At the end of her journey she would discover Malachor V after following its echoes in the Force. When Kreia found the Trayus Academy she would rapidly fall to the dark side of the Force becoming Darth Traya, the Lord of Deceit and Betrayal. She quickly began combing the galaxy for other wounds in the Force, trying to bend them to her will. Traya would discover Nihilus and Sion, and together they would form the Sith Triumvirate, intent on wiping out all remaining Jedi. The Betrayer, Traya, would in turn be betrayed by Sion and Nihilus and stripped of the Force. She once more assumed the role of Kreia, the Teacher, and followed the Jedi Exile. She hoped that she could manipulate the Exile into using the Mass Shadow Generator to create a wound in the Force that would deafen the galaxy to the Force. She would finally reveal her plan on Malachor V and the Exile would defeat her in combat and leave her to die.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

Darth Traya was a master manipulator, always looking for a way to better herself through deceit and lies. Traya was also a gifted seer. She could take glimpses into the future with startling accuracy. She could also use telekinesis to such a degree as being able to control three lightsabers at once. Kreia was also skilled at masking her presence in the Force, allowing her to evade Sion for a time.

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