Bespin: Cloud City

Bespin: Cloud City
Bespin City2.jpgAn overview of the courtyard (SWB)
AppearancesStar Wars: Battlefront,Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back,Lego Star Wars II
SWB Playable BattlesClone Wars, Galactic Civil War
SWB Reinforcement Count250 per team
SWB Command Posts6
SWB ObjectiveLand based
LSW2 Level(s)Levels 5-6

The Bespin: Cloud City is self-explanatory: it's a floating city in the skies, located on the planet Bespin. Han Solo's friend, Lando Calrissian, resides here and also controls the city.


[edit] Star Wars: Battlefront

Cloud City appeared as a playable map in Star Wars: Battlefront, along with Bespin: Platforms. Bespin is a rather large map with 6 Command Posts with two starting neutral.

[edit] Layout

Bespin City1.jpg This map is composed of two stories, the bottom story consists of three command posts: The Courtyard, the Carbon Freezing Chamber, and another CP located near an entrance to the chamber. he top floor houses the other three CPs. Ramps lead up to higher ground. There's plenty of cover to find should you be under fire.

The two top Command Posts (bottom right and bottom left) are in perfect view of each other through a long hallway. Getting to any of these CPs can be difficult, but you can hide in the small rooms while advancing. Keep in mind you're vulnerable to snipers while marching down this hallway. The bottom right CP has a circular bunker that has a good view over the Courtyard, perfect for sniping. Move down the hallway after going around the bunker and there's another CP, with a ramp leading down to the bottom floor.

The Courtyard is a turret-heavy area, with small walls and a fountain located in the middle. Looking off into the distance and you can see other buildings. The Courtyard is wide open to attack, with little means of cover. In front of it is one of the entrances to the Carbon Freezing Chamber. The building containing the chamber has many curving hallways branching off, one with a view of the other entrance. The Chamber itself is fashioned from the movie. Stepping inside the open freezer will kill you.

[edit] Strategies

  • As the Empire/Republic

You'll start with two CPs along with the enemy. Starting at your top-floor CP, you can gun down the enemy with a sniper and take their CP, or if you start at the bottom-floor CP, you can take the Carbon Freezing Chamber. That CP will alter sides throughout the battle, so don't worry about it too much if it starts getting captured.

You can then walk out and head upstairs, or attack the enemy in the Courtyard (as they should have it by now). This strategy is rather hard, but taking the Courtyard can bottle the enemy up in a small CP upstairs, making victory a lot easier.

  • As the Rebellion/CIS

You control two CPs above ground, giving you the high-ground advantage. Start at either CP, the bottom right to take the enemy's hallway CP, or the other CP to defend the Courtyard. Upon capturing the Courtyard, get ready to blast the enemies coming out of the Chamber. Becuase ther hallway in that section of the Chamber is small, a few gernades can really hurt your opponent's forces. Take the Chamber, which can give you a pathway to the enemy CP by the other Chamber entrance. This, in turn, gives you a path up to the top floor to the enemy's top-floor base. The remaining troops will be trapped inside the small CP.

[edit] Lego Star Wars II

Bespin City3.jpg The final two levels of the Episode V section of Lego Star Wars II was playing through Bespin. In the first level, you play as Luke Skywalker and fight Darth Vader in many different areas and ways.

In the first battle, you face Vader at the Carbon Freezing Chamber. He has quite a lot of health, but he's not that hard. Hit him a few times and he'll start evading you. Use R2-D2 to activate the vents Vader lands on, causing him to be stunned. Attack him while he's stunned, then repeat this process.

You'll find the evil Sith lord again in another room not to far away. This time a few Stormtroopers come during the course of the battle. Hit Vader a few times and he'll jump onto a platform with vents. If he lands on the left vent, build a ramp and have R2 activate the switch on top. If he lands on the right vent, build the green switch to activate the elevator and have R2 get on and turn on the other vent. Repeat this process until Vader runs off once more.

He reappears in the next room, this time on a faraway platform with various objects. Have R2-D2 jet over to it and activate the two switches and kill the Stormtroopers. Vader will then try and use the Force to throw in object at Luke. Use the Force to throw it back at Vader to cause damage. Vader has less health this time, so th process does not take as long. After a few hits, Vader will escape through the glass window.

Now you'll chase Vader in a 2D-style part of the level. Use the Force to build air vents to propel you up to the Sith lord and activate switches with R2. You'll confront Vader near the end of the level, just keep attacking him until he runs out of health.

The next level is Lando's rebellion. In the first part of the level, you chase Boba Fett and have a miniboss battle. He eventually escapes, so the group of fighters escape to the Millenium Falcon, beating up any Stormtroopers that come in the way. In the final part of this level, a giant army of Stormtroopers attempt to stop you from leaving. You'll have to defeat all of them to advance.

[edit] In the Movie

Han Solo needed to repair the Millenium Falcon, so he decided to take it down to Bespin to get it fixed. With him in the Falcon were Princess Leia, Chewbacca, C-3PO and R2-D2. Upon landing, he met his old friend Lando Calrissian, who was in control of the city. Han hoped Lando could get the Falcon repaired. However, Lando lead the group into a room that had Darth Vader inside. Han shot a laser at Vader, who used the Force to block it. Stormtroopers came and surrouned the heroes along with the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Lando confessed he had a deal with Vader.

Lando later broke his part of the deal (as he knew Vader would not keep his) and ordered the citizens of Cloud City to escape. After Han Solo was frozen in carbonite, Lando freed Leia, Chewy, and the droids. The group attempted to get Han Solo, but Boba Fett escaped with him. The group then battles their way out of Cloud City while Luke Skywalker confronted Darth Vader.

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