Bao Dur

Bao Dur is a Zabrak playable character from Knights of the Old Republic II who discovers the Jedi Exile after the Exile crash lands in the Restoration Zone on the surface of Telos.

[edit] Background

Bao Dur was the individual who was responsible for the creation and execution of the Mass Shadow Generator which was used in Battle of Malachor V to devastating results. Bao Dur fought along side of the Exile during the Mandolorian Wars and after they meet once more on Telos, they would go on to revisit some the battlefields they had fought in together, including Malachor V and Dxun. At some point during the course of the war, he would lose his left arm which he would build a cybernetic arm to accommodate for its lose.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

[edit] Trivia

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