Affiliation(s):Jedi Order

[edit] Background

After the betrayal of the Jedi Exile, of whom Atris thought of as a hero, Atris's view of the Jedi Order shifted. She felt that the order should no longer allow romantic connections and that they should revert back to the original training of Padawans which allowed only one per Master. After the beginning of the Jedi Purge, Atris retreated to the secret academy at Telos. She gathered a group of Echani Handmaidens who couldn't feel The Force. In order to rebuild the Jedi Order to it's former glory, Atris relied heavily on the teachings of Sith holocrons. After continued usage the holocrons began to feed on her bitterness and anger and slowly began to turn her to the Dark Side. In a final confrontation on Telos, the Jedi Exile defeated her in combat and redeemed her, turning her back to the light. She remained on Telos, however, and waited for her judgement.

[edit] Powers and Abilities

Atris, being a Jedi Master was very skilled with a lightsaber and was proficient in most uses of The Force. Before she was a Jedi Master she was a Jedi Watchmen, therefore she could speak many languages and she was a skilled negotiator.

[edit] Trivia

The word Atris is a anagram for the word Taris, a planet that appeared in KOTOR. The word atris is Latin for 'of the dark'.

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