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[edit] Star Wars: Battle Front II

[edit] A Good Game Just Needing Some Tweaking

(Review Rating: 4.4)


- A hero system has been added to Battlefront II, something that was not available in the last one, allowing them to be playable.
- Space combat has been added to this game as well, also missing in the last version, with the added availability of Jedi.
- Remade Rise of the Empire mode as a single player campaign.
- Increased number of multiplayer maps.
- Added medal and profile system.


- Very similar to the last game that came out in the series.
- The game was rushed, leaving behind several bugs and other touches that needed finishing.
- Online play not heavily improved over the last game.
- The game gets fairly repetitive after some time.


Battlefront II came out some time ago, way back in November, 2005, packaged along with the newest movie in the Star Wars saga. While this increased it's value immensely in sales, LucasArts, unfortunately, rushed the product out onto the shelves to make it so, giving it a good number of bugs and glitches that make this game a problem to play. For example, sound track problems and other minor glitches that can be experienced have been widely reported for the PS2 version. Along with this rushed release came another problem, in that they had not given enough time for every part of some of the new systems to be completed carefully and to the best of their abilities.

The AI that is displayed in this game is not the best that I've seen, to be sure. While the first Battlefront's troops moved and acted alright, I've seen a good number of troops not perform required actions or make mistakes that the AI should not be making. As an example, Droidekas often stay undeployed for a good time, and typically you can finish them off before they raise their shields, if they manage to at all. Troop movement is so erratic that at one point you might be following one character with your sniper rifle, only to have him go in a totally opposite direction in one moment, and then switching back to another different route in the next. This, combined with the incompetence of most of the computer players to defend themselves, easily makes this game lose in that category, even if the AI is intelligent enough to enjoy yourself for a good part of the time.

Going online has not improved much over the last game. Too many players can still cause bugs to happen, such as disappearing lightsabers, but anything below eight players on the map does not cause any (signifigant) problems. As with the last game, it is usually not the CPUs on the field, but the four or five human players that make the changes in balance for the battles, which can lead to some fairly spectacular fights between a small group of people, especially if that group of people happens to have two Jedi within them.

Heroes are a new addition to this game, and a well advised on at that. There was a lot of public outcry when the last one came about without any playable Jedi included, especially since those AI ones in Battlefront did not play up to the expectations of the players. In Battlefront, the hero group consists of two sets, one which wields Lightsabers, like Aayla Secura and Anakin Skywalker, to those that wield ranged weaponry, like the Fetts or Princess Leia. The latter group seems to be fairly undermatched, but have a series of special weaponry of tecnology under their belts, including ranged weapons that can kill with one hit. The Jedi also have a series of force powers which are useful, like the ever present force push and lightning. Some of these characters have weapon sets that make them worse than others, and some others are completely ineffectual for most people, a problem that came about when they turned out the game too early. Also, heroes lose "health" with time, along with blaster hits, that is replenished by killing other players. Also, they are not as invincible as they are in movies, especially on open fields, where you learn that these Jedi really can't handle more than four Super Battle Droids at once.

There was some massive field changes in this one from the last. While some seemed to have just been transplanted with no modifications, they left out some of the more popular ones, like Bespin Platforms and Rhen Var Citadel, to be replaced by others, like Polis Massa or Tantive IV, which did not entirely cover over what had been removed. Many of the fields are set up so one side has a small advantage over the other, which adds a little depth to the gameplay. Along with that, some new maps were created to serve in addition to previous ones, like Dagobah. There has been a definite increase over all with the types of maps and amount of maps available, which is definitely a plus over the last game in the series.

Something which is again new from the last is a profile system, which keeps track of a new set of medals and has an award system when you reach a certain amount. Unlike the last game, with a more free command structure, this one needs you to have a certain amount of meals before you can command troops as you want to, to a maximum of four at a time. The medal system is an excellent creation for this game, but some medals are quite obviously easier to get than others, like Endurance, while others find some of the other medals impossible to get, like Demolition. The old system is still there at the end of each round, to, at the bottom, although some of those stats have also been removed.

Galactic conquest has been made to allow for a more indepth planetary based conquering system. While before, you could attack anywhere, you must now control your movement accross the miniture universe. Also, for each battle you win, ect, you make money, which you use to train troops, something else which was not in the last game, or many other Arcade games out there at the moment. The story for the game has also changed, as you play the role of a member of the infamous 501's, a group of troopers also known for their skill in combat, and later becoming the "Vader's Fist". This campaign plays accross multiple ages, on many worlds, and is narrated by one of the members themselves as the empire develop's and is maintained in each seperate round. It is far more interesting than the original story system from the first Battlefront, and is definitely something you would want to see.

While this game, like it's predecessor, gets repetitive after some time, it has definitely had some marked improvements. The new AI and buggy, rushed creation of the game is balanced nicely with the new systems and storylines added onto the game that were not in the last one. I would definitely get this game if you are into shooters or Star Wars, since this is the best shooter for Star Wars that has come out yet. (7 out of 7 people found this review helpful.) So help rate this review!!

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